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Case Study - Typical Example of Conversion of a Standard Fire Place

Here is a typical example of a retro fit of a stove to an existing fire place recess.

Firstly, the old fireplace and its surround and the internal fire box were removed.

Then the inside faces were rendered smooth with lime render, the surrounding chimney breast was locally skim plastered, adding new steel plaster beads to clean up the recess exposed edges.

Redecoration of the chimney breast and inside of the recess was undertaken by the customer, as is usually the case.

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Case Study - Example of the Widening of a Small Existing Fire Recess

In this example, the recess needed to be widened to the right to accommodate the stove and centralise the stove location in the room.

Brickwork was removed from the righthand side, the original height of the recess raised and a new steel reinforced concrete lintel installed before rendering and plastering.

We also supplied and installed the bespoke granite hearth.

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Case Study - Customer Supplied Stove - Installed in Corner of Single Storey Extension

This is an example where we are able to bring our knowledge and expertise to a particularly unusual project: Essentially, the client had pre-purchased the stove some time before their extension building work was completed. Ideally they wanted the stove located at one end of the newly built single storey extension. We were able to provide a twin wall insulated flue solution off the top of the stove and up through the extension roof.

After an initial assessment where the client wanted the stove to be ideally located, we were able to assess the positioning of the overhead roof joist structure and come up with a neat cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, flue solution rising vertically up through the roof and up to the required minimum height. The clients were extremely delighted with the final result and felt that we more than adequately met their expectations.

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