We pride ourselves in only using high-quality liner kits supplied by mainstream suppliers. We do not use the cheapest mail order flue kit suppliers available as we prefer to use high-grade better-manufactured liner systems and components, which we believe will provide many years of trouble-free, reliable use.

We have stove brochures available and can advise on which manufacturers to look for on the internet for good makes of stove. We can generally source any make of stove but prefer to stay away from the very lowest price low quality “copy” stoves. Having said that we do on occasion get some amazingly good value for money stoves which are being offered as specials from some of the manufacturers – we are happy to point these models out when advising on suitable stoves.

If you would like to look at stoves we have a partnership arrangement with Focus stoves (located at Four Marks, near Alton) who have an extensive showroom to view a wide range of stoves.

Cherry Picker

If you have a particularly difficult chimney stack or a fragile roof we have access to a cherry picker.

Working in a clean environment
Modestly priced good quality stoves
Working with builders and property developers
Competitive pricing
All the way through to the high end of stove supply market

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We are happy to provide a free, site survey, consultation and quote.

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