If you are shopping around for prices for sweeping a stove flue, we advise that you avoid chimney sweeping businesses/individuals that are not also HETAS registered stove installers.

We have experience of the aftermath of a stove having been incorrectly dismantled or re-assembled by an “experienced Chimney Sweep,” who unfortunately did not have the depth of know-how to be able to carry out the work correctly. Often resulting in a damaged or dangerous stove.

A stove is an inherently simple device, but different manufacturers choose different design solutions to achieve the same result. Some stoves require quite extensive strip downs of their internal baffle components in order to gain access to the flue for sweeping. These components can easily be incorrectly re-fitted or damaged resulting in a loss of efficiency or at worse rendering the stove unsafe. 

Also whilst you are on this page, please watch the short video which explains how to get the most from your stove in terms of the wood you use and how you set the burn rate. This video was produced in an effort to promote low emission burning of stoves resulting from negative, arguably unjustified, press around wood burning stove air pollution.​

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